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My Princess- Niall Oneshot (requested)

"Can you tell me how you met her please?" She asked.

She had a cute sweetness in her voice, so pure and innocent. She looked up, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling under the dim glow of her fairy lights that hung from her baby pink wall. She snuggled down in her bed, resting her head on her pillow, her soft brown hair spreading over her pillow. 

"I met her at a shop. Her favourite shop" he smiled. 
He stroked her brunette locks, running his fingers through her hair, comforting her. His heart rate quickened as the thought of her came back into his mind, thinking about her always made him smile. 

"She was looking at a pair of shoes, they were high. Very high, it makes me wonder how she manages to walk in high heels like that without snapping an ankle!" he laughed gently, so did she. "I watched her as she tried to take them off the shelf and then they all just fell down!" he said, laughing slightly more now. 
He remembered the moment in his head well, the moment all the shoes fell to the floor at her feet. He remembered the way her face sunk, the way her beautiful features crumpled as they fell, she looked deflated when nobody rushed to help her. 

"What did you do?" she asked a hint of enthusiasm creeping into her voice as she was eager to learn what happened next. 

"I helped her, of course. I picked the shoes up for her. She kept saying thank you over and over again like I had just saved her life, bless her, but it wasn’t a problem, I was glad that nobody else helped her so I could." 

Of course, he wasn’t going to explain the feeling he felt as he looked up into her eyes that day, that was just for him to know. Words couldn’t explain it, he’s tried telling her a million times, but he couldn’t find the words to explain the felling of a million butterflies filling up your stomach. The feeling when you see someone that you know is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it has no single word. You could search through the worlds largest dictionary and the word for what he felt on that day will not be there. Love’ doesn’t cover it, it was more than love, so much more. 

"I picked the shoes up and offered to pay for them, of course, she, being the lovely person she is, wouldn’t let me do that. So-"

"So you kissed her?" she asked, smiling widely. 
He laughed, shaking his head. "No, not a kiss, we didn’t know each other well enough back then to kiss" 

"But thats what the princes do to their princesses. Isn’t she your princess?" she whispered. 
You could tell she was shocked, the fact he didn’t kiss her as soon as he felt what he did, but we all come to know with age that life isn’t a fairytale, she just needed time to find that out. 

"Yes, but I didn’t know that she is my princess at the time" he told her. 

"ooh, was she in disguise?" she asked, jumping slightly with excitement at the sudden twist in the story. 
He nodded, smiling at the fact that she was enjoying his story. 

"I didn’t kiss her, but I asked her out for dinner and thats how we met!" he smiled. 
The story wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t a fairytale with a magical quest, a castle, a dragon. This story, however, was the fairytale between two people, it was their fairytale. 

"What happened at dinner?" she asked, looking into his matching pair of blue eyes. 
"Thats for another night darlin’, c’mon, you need your sleep." he whispered. 
He grabbed the lilac duvet and tucked the little girl into her warm bed. He placed a soft kiss on her pale forehead and walked towards her bedroom door. 

"One more question." she said. He rolled his eyes playfully, laughing gently. “What did she look like when you met? Was she pretty?” 

He nodded his head, running his fingers through his soft blond hair, smiling. His cheeks turned a light red as he thought about her. 

"She was the most beautiful princess I have ever seen, she had long brown hair and sparkly brown eyes. She had a cute little smile, like you." he said to the girl, who smiled at his words. 
Niall turned his back, tiptoeing out of the door before the girl stopped him again.

"Last question. When will I get to meet mummy?" She said, her eyes looking hopeful. 
He walked back into her bedroom, sitting back in his place on the side of her bed. He closed his eyes as he remembered where his daughters mummy has gone to. Where the love of his life went. He shook his head, smiling through the pain that this question caused. Her mother died a month after their daughter was born. He was a single parent, who still, after nearly seven years was still missing the girl he fell in love with, the girl he wed, the girl he created life with. 

"Mummy has gone to live in a beautiful castle in the sky where she can have anything she wants, anything at all. She’s always with you though, I promise." he whispered, trying not to cry in front of the girl. 

"Where?" she asked, turning her head, looking for any sign of her mother. 

"In your heart. She will never ever leave you. Ever." He whispered.
He placed his large hand on her chest. He then tickled her chin gently. Niall placed a kiss on her cheek. 

"You have to get some sleep now darlin’" He said.
She snuggled down into her warm bed and closed her eyes.

"Love you daddy" She said sweetly as she turned in her bed. 
He closed the door, leaning his back against it. He faced the photo that was hung on the cream walls of the hallway. It was of him and his beautiful wife, smiling on their wedding day. A tear streamed down his face as he looked at her beautiful brown eyes, how perfect she looked in her stunning white dress. 

"You would be so proud of our daughter." He whispered, running his finger along his white gold wedding band that hasn’t left his finger since the day she put it on. "I miss you, my princess." 

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